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Saturday, November 9, 2013


I'm so thrilled to be reviewing Amber Lynn Natusch's UNDERTOW on her blog tour.  Have you ever read a book so great, that after you were finished you had goosebumps on your arms?  That was how I felt at the conclusion of this book.  But, before all that, let's get you caught up with what UNDERTOW is.

How far does a girl have to run to escape a lifetime of pain and loss at the hands of Alaska's notoriously unforgiving Bering Sea? Twenty-seven-year-old Aesa Fredriksen thought landlocked Columbus, Ohio would suffice, and it does until the fear of regret drives her to return to Dutch Harbor in a final attempt to make amends with her nearly-estranged father. Intent on salvaging the wreckage of their relationship, she reluctantly agrees to join him—the only family she has left—as he heads out to fish for king crab, forcing her to brave the very waters that pulled him away from her as a child. The waters that stole her mother's life.
When the day finally arrives for the Norwegian Queen to sail off into an uncertain future, Aesa can't help but fear the worst. Beyond the violent swells and impending storms, there is far more than death and danger awaiting her on her journey: love awaits her too.

Decker, a young but seasoned member of her father's crew, is a force of nature as strong as Aesa, He's her perfect match, and even she can't deny it. But he too is a man of the sea, and with memories of tragedy and abandonment etched so deeply into her mind, can she overcome her demons and let him in or will she drown in her darkness, forever caught in its undertow?

Review: I feel justified in saying I have been a fan of Amber Lynn Natusch's since the very beginning. I remember seeing the cover for her first book CAGED in early 2012 and was caught. What an arresting cover, I thought. Well, the trend continues because I think the cover for UNDERTOW is absolutely breathtaking.

To continue on this high note, UNDERTOW is a beautiful story. Natusch once again proves that she is a magic story weaver in this book. The setting of UNDERTOW unique and unexpected. I honestly agreed to be on the blog tour after hearing the bare minimum about what the story would be. I was immediately enticed and hooked into Aesa's story.

At the start of the story, we meet Aesa who's life is pretty fractured. Not in the sense that she has had something life threatening happen to her, but in the sense that she's missing vital pieces that were stripped from her. I likened her life to how she found her bedroom when she got back, still a mess because the damage was too intimidating to go into and clean up. A lot of aspects of Aesa's life are like this. Namely with her father.

While the relationship between Aesa and her father is jagged, the signs of father-daughter bond still peek through at parts. These parts made me smile and grimace only because I could relate to a stilted familial bond like this. While Aesa's and her father's relationship takes time to function again, it is gratifying to witness the journey.

Now, of course this review would not be complete without mention of Decker. Seriously, could he be more of a fitting foil for Aesa. I think it's great that he embodies what a great man should be, but also possesses the one thing that scares Aesa more than anything. There were heart warming and heart wrenching moments between the two, and I could not have been more satisfied (or even guessed) at where there relationship progresses to.

Natusch has created an evocative story against a truly arresting backdrop. I never expected to be so invested in a story that mainly takes place on the Bering Sea, and yet after I had finished my mind could not leave the story. I cannot commend Natusch enough for how immensely satisfying I found UNDERTOW to be. If you are looking for just an insanely engaging and scintillating read, look no further because UNDERTOW is it for you. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up if you haven't already. I highly recommend UNDERTOW for anyone who loves romance, or journeys of self discovery. Amber Lynn Natusch will not disappoint you with this one.

Happy Reading!



About The Author:
If you're dying to know more about me, allow me to put you at ease. I'm a sharp-tongued, sarcastic cancer, who loves vegetable smoothies, winter storms, and the word 'portfolio'. I should NEVER be caffeinated, and require at least eight hours of sleep to even resemble a human being. At thirty-four, I just now feel like I can keep a straight face while saying the word "rectum" (which is actually a huge lie because I just laughed out loud while reading this to my husband). I live with my iPod firmly affixed to my body, drive too fast, and laugh/cry at inappropriate times.  I'm obsessed with urban fantasy... When I discovered that genre, I knew I had found my tribe. Now I write in that world because that's what the voices in my head tell me to do. And they are very, very loud.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


When I received an email from KK Hendin about a month ago, the synopsis of HEART BREATHS had me hooked.  After reading the synopsis, it literally took over my thoughts for a solid hour, which is usually a sign that I need to read the book.  I'm really happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed this really sweet debut for KK Hendin 

After a tragedy nearly ripped 21 year old Madeline Darlington-Gray’s life in half, she's spent the past three years trying to put the pieces back together. But pieces never just fit back together, and when she's betrayed by those she trusts, everything crumbles. Shoving everything she owns into the trunk of her car, Maddie drives south, trying to run from her past.
Eno, North Carolina seems like the perfect place to hide. Working at a local café is light years from Maddie's Manhattan existence and for the first time in a while, she's finding her family. There's Grandma, the café owner; Samantha, the hairstylist next door with plans to make Maddie's life unsuck and Noie, the three year old girl who's stolen Maddie's heart.
And then there’s Gabriel Mendez, Noie’s single dad. He’s intrigued Maddie since the first time she met him, and while he has his own secrets, he wants more from her than just friendship. But the past never stays past, and all too soon, Maddie realizes she can't hide from hers. If she can't put the pieces of her shattered life together this time, she'll have no hope for a future.
A future she desperately wants.

Review:  The overall story of HEART BREATHS is as enjoyable as it is uplifting.  Maddie is a character who is scarred, but in a surprising and heartbreaking way that is very different from the main characters of many books with similar theme. The story of her journey to breaking through grief and loss was truly beautiful.  

On the road to Maddie finding here way back to herself, we are introduced to a myriad of characters that really give HEART BREATHS a vividness in story.  Gave and Noie are just too sweet for words.  Not to say that everything is all rainbows and unicorns, there is definitely some angst in the mix for you romance lovers. 

I also loved Sam and Grandma l.  They added a realness and sense of community that they added to the story.  Plus, I feel that these two were very significant players in Maddie's road to finding happiness again.  

HEART BREATHS had very unexpected moments for me.  There were some parts that I felt were great additions to the story that sets this one apart from a lot of other books that are available today.  KK Hendin has created a truly fantastic and moving story that definitely shows she has great talent and potential for creating emotional stories that can hook a reader and keep them emotionally invested.   

I highly recommend HEART BREATHS if you like stories that will tug on your emotions, and make you root for the protagonist as they try to find their way back to who they need to be.   

Happy Reading!
4/5 Oh Yeah I liked it a lot!

About KK Hendin:  KK Hendin's real life ambition is to become a pink fluffy unicorn who dances with rainbows. But the schooling for that is all sorts of complicated, so until that gets sorted out, she'll just write. Preferably things with angst and love. And things that require chocolate. 
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Friday, November 1, 2013

GREED Review

Last December my reading world was rocked.  I discovered the amazingness that is Fisher Amelie.  I started with CALLUM AND HARPER, sped onto THOMAS AND JANUARY,  and managed to finagle a way onto her very first tour for VAIN.  In other words, I became obsessed.  I wanted to cheer when Fisher posted that she was going to create the whole Seven Deadly Series.  So of course I had to get GREED in my hands asap.  You can say I was Greedy for GREED, (I swear that's the only really bad pun I will make in this post).  I realize that I post a lot of books I adore on this blog, and really that's because when I find something amazing I NEED EVERYONE TO KNOW.  So that is why this gif is necessary.  Fisher... this is for you. 

Seriously though.  Ok, onto talking about why I love GREED and Fisher so much.  

Gather ‘round, love, because I want you. I want what you have, I want what you don’t have, I want more of what I already have. I want. But if you so much as ask for something in return, go ahead and walk away. Know if you want to play in my world, it’s every man for themselves and the weak become mine. Leeches will be obliterated because I make it my job to destroy them. I protect what’s mine and I take what’s yours...because that’s what I do. I want.

My story will not endear me to you and, frankly, I could care less if it does because I’m in this for the money and nothing else. There’s nothing redeeming about me. I’m a corrupt, money hungry, immoral asshole from Los Angeles. I’m every man’s worst nightmare and every girl’s fantasy.

I’m Spencer Blackwell...And this is the story about how I went from the world’s most coveted guy to the guy no one wanted around and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

REVIEW: One of the many things I adore about fisher Amelie is that she constantly surprises me.  You would think the story of Spencer would revolve around monetary greed, since the world he comes from is lush and lavish.  Rather, GREED goes somewhere different, and I think that's truly a great and non-cliche way to address the subject matter. 

People can be greedy with just about anything in this world, and I think that the way Spencer atones for a living a lifetime of greed was surprising and touching.  Rather than give up something that could be seen as "easy to part with", he gives up something so vital to himself in the ultimate act of caring about someone else more than he cares about himself.   

Fisher freaking outdid herself on this one.   

I loved spencer's sister Bridgett.  She was just the right amount of naive and mature, fitting for what she is going through,and while she sometimes balks at what Spencer decides, she ultimately realizes he's moving heaven and earth for her. 

In the traditional sense, I wouldn't really consider Spencer as someone who suffers from greed.  Yes, he's done shady things for his psycho dad, but when someone he loves needs him, he drops everything to help them.   

I think Spencer has an unclear picture of himself throughout the book, because for someone who thinks he's obsessed with money, he gives way more than he's ever taken.  

As with all Fisher Amelie books, I think I know where the plot is going to go, but then BAM. She pulls a fast one on me, and has me reeling from where the story has gone.  Just like in VAIN, Fisher has given us an incredible redemption story, woven together with a love story.  I live Cricket, and the story line between her and Spencer had me clenching my teeth at parts with how frustrating the overall situation was.  But, stick with it, all is revealed and it was a shocking, albeit interesting development to the story.  

As I got to the final pages  of GREED I found myself not wanting to part with the characters.  I was invested in all of their stories.  Bridgette's especially.  

One thing I will say for sure is that Fisher Amelie knows how to suck you in.  Hook, line, and sinker.  GREED is an insanely fantastic addition to THE SEVEN DEADLY SERIES.  If you haven't hopped on this train of awesome yet, start with book one VAIN.  I can never say enough good things about Fisher Amelie's books, and when someone asks me for a recommendation, her books are always at the top of my list.  So please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of GREED, or heck, any of Fisher's books.  They will give you Goosebumps from all the crazy feelings you will experience while reading. A highly recommended read from me!  

Happy Reading!  


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About Fisher Amelie:

Fisher Amelie is the author of The Leaving Series, Callum & Harper and Thomas & January. She began her writing career as a copywriter for an internet marketing company wherein one of their client's said, 'Hey! You're funny. You should write books'. Which in turn she said, 'Hey, get out of here! This is the lady's restroom.' While washing her hands and the embarrassment from her face, she thought they may have had a valid point. So, she took the thousands of hours of writing stories growing up, tucked them into her pocket and began writing and writing and writing.

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