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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Impossible Blog Tour!!


Ashton Summers is on her way to becoming the most popular girl in school and nothing—or no one—is going to stand in her way. Especially not Luca Byron, her freak neighbor, with his tattoos, loud music, and distracting green eyes.

Luca Byron has three goals in life: get through high school with a low profile, make sure his garage band becomes something more than a hobby, and try to forget about his insufferable ex-best friend, Ashton, who he can’t get out of his mind.

The last thing Ashton and Luca want to do is rekindle their friendship, but when Ashton takes a tumble down the social ladder, Luca—with his new makeover—is the only one who can help her rise up again by pretending to be her boyfriend. At first, being together is unbearable and annoying, but things start to change as Ashton and Luca discover the real reasons they drifted apart seven years ago.

Now, keeping their hands off each other seems impossible.

Review:  So right off the bat in reading the blurb for this book I really wanted to read it.  It's got the make of an epic 90's teen drama, and I'm going to come out and say it, but I really miss those wonderful teen dramedies from the 90's.  But, back to the book, the blurb definitely peaked my interest, and I am so glad I gave this book a read!  It was fun and simultaneously dealt with gritty real life stuff at the same time.  

So at first I absolutely HATED Ashton.  She was written perfectly.  She was bratty and a complete bitch.  While I was reading I kept wondering, man am I ever going to actually get to feel sorry for her.  These events would happen to her, and I would be like oh man, that sucks Ashton maybe now you'll wake up and be a better person, and then she would go and do something ridiculous.  In this instance though, Ashton's characterization furthers the plot in a good way.  She really does have to fall to rock bottom in order to find her way back to the person she once was.  Now, on the opposite side of the spectrum, we have sweet and charming Luca.  Even though Ashton and Luca are equally responsible for the disintegration of their friendship, you can't help but just love sweet Luca, and at some points hate Ashton because of how she treats him.

The plot in this book wasn't anything that shocking.  It was a sweet love story about former friends finding their way back to each other and themselves.  I definitely felt Komal Lewis did a great job characterizing high schoolers.  She made them the right mix of ridiculous and lovable.  Plus there are some scenes between Ashton and Luca that just make your heart melt. 

I definitely recommend this book.  It's an easy read that is not too dark and enjoyable.  Overall a great first debut into the literary world.  Can't wait to see what else you have for us Komal!  Recommended for people who like love stories, first loves, reuniting friendships, and healing hearts. 
I give it a four out of five oh yeahs!

And now we have Komal Lewis hanging out with us for a bit!
So Komal, What are your favorite Video Games?

This is such a great question! I love that I get to take a break from talking about my book so I can talk about video games. Since this is one of those topics where I could go on and on and on, I thought it was best if I only listed my Top 5 favourite games. Ya know, ‘cos’ sometimes I tend to ramble.

1. Final Fantasy 8 (and the series in general)
The plot of FF8 is too complex to condense into a paragraph. All I can say is that the story is epic and that Squall and Rinoa are one of my favourite couples EVER. You’ll just have to play the game (or Google the summary at the very least) to find out why. I also love the side characters and how they are all connected.

You can expect sorceresses, an academy that trains special agents, a romance, great FMV scenes, an excellent plot, going into space, and kidnapping a President. Only in FF8 could you do all these things! Final Fantasy 8 is probably my favourite video game ever.

2. Pokemon
Pokemon is about a young Pokemon trainer who embarks on an adventure with their Pokemon so they can become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the region. On the way, they encounter Team Rocket (or Plasma, whatever it is these days), fight many battles, and try to collect as many Pokemon as they can.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I have been playing the new game on my writing breaks and am slowly making my way through it. My favourite version is the original one, even though the graphics weren’t great, and Emerald version because there is so much to do in that game. It can keep you entertained for hours even after the original storyline is completed.

3. Dino Crisis 2
Dino Crisis is a fun shooting/action game where two agents (I forgot what they work for) are sent to an island to contain an outbreak of dinosaurs. It’s a lot of fun and you get to upgrade to awesome weapons. The plot twist at the end is MAJOR. I loved it.

I am obsessed with dinosaurs. I have been since I was five. If you want to sell me something, just add in the word “dinosaur” and I’m sold. Thankfully, Dino Crisis 2 was a great game. The plot was great, the gameplay was great, and I enjoyed the altering POV. In fact, I may go and play it now.

4. Halo
Halo is a science fiction game with aliens! Whatever explanation I give you won’t do the game any justice. If you want to know why the game is called Halo, you’ll just have to play it to find out. It’s one of those ones that you have to play to love. Believe me, you will LOVE it.

I have loved this game since I first played it in early 2002. If you’re a serious gamer and you haven’t played this one, then you need to get on it A.S.A.P! Halo is definitely one of the best games ever made. Halo 4 just came out and I have had to use every ounce of willpower not to buy it, otherwise I will never get any writing done!

5. Yoshi’s Island
I loved this game as a kid and I still love playing it now. It’s one of those games that stay with you through the years. The concept is simple, but the game was executed so well. Basically, Baby Mario is separated from his brother, and it’s Yoshi’s job to reunite them.

There are great boss battles to be had and lots of fun side quests and mini-games to enjoy. The levels get trickier and trickier, and it’s so much fun trying to figure them all out. It’s a great game for kids (and adults who act like kids)!

There are so many other great games that I love like Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Mortal Combat, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, etc. Let’s be honest, I could go on naming fifty other games that I love, but I’m just going to leave it at that.

And since this guest post was originally supposed to be about my favourite video games and comic books, I’m just going to put it out there that I love Spiderman comic books, preferably The Amazing Spiderman series.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

Title: Impossible
Series: With Me, #1
Author: Komal Lewis
Release Date: October 26, 2012
Pages: 254


Komal Lewis is an author who writes both Young Adult and Adult novels in the Contemporary and Fantasy genres. Her debut novel IMPOSSIBLE is a Young Adult Contemporary Romance about a girl who will do anything to become popular, and the rocker boy-next-door.

Komal lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and one too many dogs and cats (although she never seems to think they have enough). She is overly enthusiastic about video games, comic books, Batman films, Byronic heroes, baking, reptiles, and pretty shoes.


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