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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


People.  Something AMAZING happened to me on Monday.  I got the ARC of Focus in my email.  Yes there were squeals, there also may have been a tweet to Alyssa Rose Ivy thanking her in all caps.  If you have read the first book in the Crescent Series Flight, you will undoubtably LOVE Focus.  All of our favorite characters are back and better than ever.  Ali is still wonderfully down to earth and still trying to resist Levi's charms.  Levi is still completely swoon worthy and ever protective.  Jared I came to LOVE in this book, and boy do we get LOTS of drama going down in Focus.


I am going to keep this review spoiler free because Focus doesn't release until January 31st, but I am warning you guys right now... clear your schedules because you will not be leaving your reading device once you start.

We open with Allie and Hailey starting their lives at Tulane, and that includes everything that comes with college life, (PARTIES!) much to Levi's dismay.  Allie is still holding strong to her freezing out Levi after what he did in Flight, and I can't help but feel for the guy.  Sure he acts like a domineering ass, but he is still wonderfully sweet Levi.  Allie and Levi's relationship definitely makes serious strides in this book.  There is a ton of trust building happening, and I thought it was done fantastically.

Some new characters are introduced in Focus and I can say with great authority you will love one, and hate the other.  That's all I am giving you right now.  If you want to discuss with me after you've read, tweet or comment me, and we will get down.

The story picks up and keeps on running.  There aren't any lulls in the drama and action, and this translates into a well thought out and intricate plot.  We get to know more about the Pteron and shifter community, and some of the aspects are crazy.  Allie gives Levi a LOT of power, and I am coming to the conclusion that Allie is more than she thinks she is.

One thing I must say: Focus had me laughing out loud at parts.  I truly love the characters Alyssa has created in this story, and the quality of her characters translates into how they interact with and play off each other.  When I was reading scenes between Hailey and Allie I was dying at some of their dialog.  It made me reminisce of conversations I have had with my crazy friends at the beginning of college.  They are relatable, believable, and funny.

Ok, I will say this.  THE ENDING.  It's seriously a WTF moment.  No seriously, I had to read it twice because the first time I was like, "waaaaaaht?!?!?!"  All I can say about it right now is seriously, I need the next book now!!

Focus comes out January 31st and Alyssa is having a super fun party on Facebook, so if you are on the web that day stop by and celebrate the release of this awesome book!  You might even win a cool prize!!  More importantly go pick up the book when it comes out, you'll love it!


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