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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Someone To Love Tour!

New Adult - Contemporary Romance
*Intended for mature audiences 17+* Sexual situations

Someone to Love is a light, sexy read that is far more naughty than it ever is nice.

What happens when two people who don’t believe in love, happen to fall madly into the most beautiful relationship they could ever imagine? A train wreck.

When twenty-year-old Kendall Jordan transfers clear across country to Garrison University, the last thing she’s looking for is a one-night stand. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what, gorgeous, Cruise Elton offers.

Kendall has long since come to realize that love is an illusion that never lasts, and Cruise couldn’t agree more—but something deep inside her wants him all for herself. So, Kendall devises a seat of the pants plan to “play the player” and proposes that Cruise tutor her in becoming a female version of himself, Garrison University’s own playboy.

Real feelings begin to emerge, and neither Kendall nor Cruise know how to classify them. Everything they once thought they knew is redefined as they discover, in one another, Someone to Love.

My Review:  One thing I really love about reading is that you see a whole spectrum of different people and emotions.  Relatable characters become like your friends and you can't help but connect to the people that are in the pages.  In Someone to Love that is exactly what we get with main character Kendall.  She's a little innocent, completely tough, and can hang in really bad situations, like not having a place to stay when you get to your school all the way across the country,  I would have been freaking and stressed out.  Well this is where Cruise Elton comes to the rescue and offers "Kenny" a place to stay.

Overall I thought the story was one that is very sweet and reminiscent of young love.   It's easy to become passionate when something new takes presence in life, and it is just as easy to create problems where there really aren't easy.  Both of these things are illustrated wonderfully in this book.  As for Addison's first foray into NA contemporary I thought she did a superb job breaking out of the paranormal stuff we've seen from her before.  Plus, she writes like she is writing poetry.  Words just flow off the page and become fluid and gorgeous.  Quite a treat to read if you ask me! 

The plot is the only I really have contention with, only because it was an insta-love instance.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing because first loves more often than not are felt immediately and powerfully.  I just like my love stories at a slow burn. ;-)  Definitely recommend this book for a beach read, or curling up on the couch on a cold rainy day for a little steam!  

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Oh Yeah: I liked it a lot!

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  1. Amazingly kind review! I love, love, loved it! Thank you so much for participating in the tour!! So glad you enjoyed the book. :)


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