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Friday, March 1, 2013

It Was You Review!

Review:  Anna Cruise, that's a name you're going to want to remember guys.  Her first book It Was You, well it was awesome.   In it we meet Abby Sellers, recent high school graduate, soon to be college student, and twin sister hater.  Seriously though, her twin sister is one mean b****.   Abby's sister Annika is the evil girl everyone fears and loathes, and yeah I definitely wanted to punch her, more than a few times.  Anna did a great job creating a character that I could just hate, unflinchingly.  It was awesome.  We also meet West, who let's be real, is his own particular brand of crazy as well.   The secrets that he and Abby hide from each other are big things, and could easily tear them apart.

The storyline in It Was You was nicely paced, with a nice build up of the main characters before everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  The drama in it is great, and Abby really comes into her own by the last pages.  I was impressed with how much she grew over the course of the book, and was cheering right alongside her in certain scenes of the book.

The relationships in this book are executed perfectly.  You can see the love and bond between Abby and her best friend Tana.  You can see the pure hatred between Abby and Annika.  Best yet, you can see the love story between West and Abby come to life.  When West and Abby first meet, sparks are a-flyin, and really not in a good way.  It actually made me laugh how Abby had to come around to West because I've definitely had one or two of those situations happen to me before.

Overall, I highly recommend this to any NA romance lovers out there.  It has plenty of angst, lots of love and hate, and a really awesome message in it.  Pick it up when it comes out soon!

4/5 Oh Yeah I liked it a lot!

Abby Sellers knows what she wants.

Enduring eighteen years in the shadow of her identical twin sister, Annika, she wants a fresh start. A chance to create her own life, separate from her conniving, deceptive twin.

Surprising both her family and friends, Abby ditches her plans for college and enrolls at a new school instead. There, she encounters West Montgomery, a sexy fellow student who immediately disarms her with his good looks and charm. West takes a liking to Abby and she suddenly finds herself walking a thin line, fabricating a fictional life created not by lies but by omission. She soon discovers West has secrets of his own, secrets that he's not altogether interested in sharing.

Out from under the shadow of her twin, Abby's life—and her relationship with West—blossoms. When Abby leaves town one weekend, something unthinkable happens and her relationship with West is shattered. Reeling from the discovery, Abby fears all of her plans have backfired and she's created a mess for both of them, a mess that no one can clean up.

But West isn't willing to let her go that easily. When he forces her to confront secrets they've both been hiding, Abby must decide more than if she's willing to forgive and forget. She must also decide just what kind of life she wants...and who she wants to live it with.

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