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Monday, August 5, 2013

These Things About Us Tour

Hey everyone!  I'm really excited about These Things About Us, and can't wait to share what I thought about it with you all.  Laura Beege contacted me about two months ago, and I could not pass up the chance to read her book.  It sounded so interesting, and I knew I would be hooked!  Take a look, I'm totally loving this cover. 

Antonia is leaving the last shards of her life in Tucson behind to find her mother and start over. Turns out that's easier said than done. London is a pretty big city, a hundred bucks don't get you far and you can't just make your past disappear.
When sweet and caring uni student Wesley gets her a job and a room in his father's pub, Tony is unprepared for his older brother Trace who despises her at first sight. She's unprepared for someone whose secrets might be darker than her own. 
Following a path of breadcrumbs and tangling up in Trace's past, Tony slips back into a world she thought she'd escaped the day her father went to prison.

Review:    While I love discovering new authors, sometimes it's completely nerve-wracking.  You honestly could get sent a book that is just a horrible mess, and for me I really try to pick the good out of it to send a positive message to the author.  I'm really, really happy that These Things About Us was not one of those cases.  

Beege has written a really interesting and attention holding story in These Things About Us.  While I was nervous because I felt the introduction to the characters was a tad shaky, the plot quickly sucked me in and didn't let me go until the very last page.  Meeting Tony while she's lost in London was interesting.  While I consider myself a pretty brave person, I draw the line at traveling to a foreign country by myself to look for a family member.  This was the case with Tony.  She is in London looking for her mom who left when she was a little girl.  

The point that I was making about These Things About Us being a tad shaky in the beginning was what exactly Toni's past was.  It does unravel itself throughout the rest of the book, but I feel that one vital piece of information could have been given to us at the beginning that would have solved a lot of my confusion.  However, after you get past those few instances the story really heats up. 

When we meet the other characters mentioned in the synopsis, Wesley and Trace, I was prepared for a love triangle.  Laura Beege,  thank you,  from the bottom of my icy heart for not putting me through hell and back with love triangle angst.  Seriously, if I knew where you lived I would mail you cookies, because I was not expecting what your created in that "triangle."  

I think that Beege really excelled at creating some fascinating characters.  I grew to love each one of them.  Yes, even Trace who I was determined to hate from the very first moment he was introduced.  Each character is hurting in some way that really drew me in as a reader,  I needed to know the cause of the hurt and figure out if that pain could ever be lessened.  

With that said, Laura Beege, that ending.  Seriously, there better be another book, and quick, because I really can't with that ending.  Talk about pulling your heart out, smashing it in the ground, then picking it back up gluing it together with a little hope, and the POW.  It's over.  Lady, seriously.  I need the next one and pronto!

Overall a solid and fantastic debut for Laura Beege.  I'm really excited to watch your writing in the future and see how it progresses and matures.  I'm definitely recommending this one for you guys, and I say that Beege is one to keep an eye on in the future!  Congrats on your release and job well done! 

4/5 Oh Yeah I liked it a lot!

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