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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nearly Broken Blog Tour

I have been a really big fan of author Devon Ashley for sometime now.  So when I heard about her new book Nearly Broken, I absolutely had to get my hands on it.  You guys, this book will punch you in the face, knock you out, and then bring you back up again.  If you are looking for an emotionally charged book that will run you through the gamut, Nearly Broken is definitely for you!

We’d both gone missing at one point, but Claire had one thing I didn’t. Someone to notice. So why was I the one still here and she the one still gone?

Nineteen year old Megan Smith has spent the past year working in a small town diner in the middle of nowhere. Life is quiet, simple, safe. Then comes the news that her look-a-like has gone missing.


Still damaged both physically and mentally, Megan's not looking to be noticed. Wherever she goes from here, it's a road she needs to take alone. But when Nickolas Ellis takes the job as the new nightshift cook, it scares her how easily her defenses crumble down, down, down for him. But there are secrets she can't bear to share with just anyone, unspeakable acts that continue to haunt, and when the similarities of Claire’s abduction couples with the fear of an unwanted visitor in town, the urge to run before it all happens again intensifies, threatening the only happiness Megan's ever found.

New Adult Romantic Suspense / Realistic Fiction
Recommended for 17+ for mature and disturbing situations, language and sexual content.

Review:  Holy crap people.  Holy crap.  So when I started this, I didn't think it was going to be any where near as intense as it was.  When the story opens, there's this, "huh that's weird moment." Maybe it was just how tired I was that day, but man, did not see where the story was going.   With that said, I really, really did like this story.   I think Devon Ashley is a completely captivating story teller that just sucks you into a book.  

She also creates some pretty kick ass characters, seriously Nick is the perfect man.  If I could find his clone I would be a very happy girl.   Megan was someone that I connected with immediately, but she kind of alienated me at points of the book, only with how she took some information that was given to her. 

The overall story of this book never lets up.  It is one jaw dropping event after the next.  This is one of those scenarios where the blurb is barely skimming what is going on in the entirety of the story.  I feel like the character from SNL Stefan when I keep saying it's non-stop and heart pounding action.  It really is!

Nearly Broken completely surprised me.  I was so sure about what I was going to get in this book, and was completely wrong.  Please note that the warning that accompanies this book should really be taken seriously.  There are some parts that made me cringe, and not in a good way.  For lack of a better word, this book is INTENSE. 

However, while I keep going on about how intense Nearly Broken is, there is a fantastic story in it.  Megan and Nick were really great characters, and I loved spending a few hours of my time with them.  Devon Ashley has kicked it into high gear with this new release, and I think that it is going to have a pretty big readership.  

If you like angsty, gritty, and emotional NA's, you should pick up Nearly Broken.  It is well worth the read!

Oh yeah count: 4.5/5

 Kindle USUK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA, BR, and JP; Kobo and Nook.

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